.      1998: Ph. D. Agricultural University, Warsaw, Poland Field: Wildlife Management

.      1988: M.S. University of Parma, Italy Field: Biological Sciences

Zoologist, specialist in Mammals, member of the Italian Association of Mammalogists, co-founder of the Italian Association of Game Biologists, collaborator of the Research Unit of Behavioural Ecology, Ethology and Wildlife Management, University of Siena, since 1992.

Free lance consultant in zoology, wildlife management, conservation biology.

Author or co-author of more than 30 scientific papers, one book on the Red Deer, one on the Wild Boar, one on the Roe Deer, one on the biometric survey of Ungulates.

Author of a chapter on Ungulates for the "Regional Guidelines for Game Management" of Emilia-Romagna (1999 and 2009), of a chapter on Deer (Cervidae) in the "Handbook of the Mammals of the World" (2011, Smithsonian Institution), and of some paragraphs of the chapters on Red Deer and Roe Deer for the "Handbook of the Mammals of Europe" (2020, Springer Publishing House).

A reviewer for international scientific journals (Ethology Ecology and Evolution, Italian Journal of Zoology, Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research, Journal of Zoology, Mammal Research, Mammalian Biology, Mammalian Species, PeerJ, Science of the Total Environment, Wildlife Biology)

Deer pictures made by Stefano Franceschetti. (see